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Search Engine Ranking Factors | SEOmoz

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SEO 2.0 | Google Filters: Exact Match Anchor Text Links Are the New Meta Keywords

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It’s always fascinating to see how google treats SEO techniques that have gone main stream. Basically google often uses filters on them. Of course many people out there abuse SEO techniques once they know they work. So called anchor text links are known to work quite well in SEO for several years. SEO practicioners know that they even can outmatch on-page factors like page titles, headlines etc.

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Google instant screens

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Google Instant does not seem to work in IE7

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playing with Google Instant

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Indrukwekkend om het zacht uit te drukken. Dit gaat imho een enorme impact hebben op de traffic verdeling vanuit google. Met name de longtail gaat een stuk korter worden. to be continued…

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Wat kan in welke browser

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Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies…,pr,cr,wd,ietf


How To Drag & Drop with JQuery

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Voor sommige apps is het geweldig, voor andere ronduit belachelijk : Drag & Drop in websites. Use it wisely. Mocht je beslissen dat je het nodig hebt dan is het de laatste jaren in elk geval een stuk makkelijker geworden. Onderstaande artikeltjes lezen zou moeten volstaan.

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Coding Horror: Microsoft LogParser

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Ask yourself this question: what if everything could be queried with SQL? Microsoft’s LogParser does just that. It lets you slice and dice a variety of log file types using a common SQL-like syntax. It’s an incredibly powerful concept, and the LogParser implementation doesn’t disappoint. This architecture diagram from the LogParser documentation explains it better than I could:

Coding Horror: Microsoft LogParser.

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Google Analytics Blog: Launched: New Google Analytics Management API!

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Many developers have asked for a faster, more powerful way to access google Analytics account configuration data through the Data Export API. We’ve listened and today we’re releasing a preview of the new google Analytics Management API.

The Management API provides read-only access to google Analytics configuration data. It consists of 5 new google Data Feeds that map directly to the google Analytics data model…

Google Analytics Blog: Launched: New Google Analytics Management API!.

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Google website optimizer : meten is weten

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Assume nothing, test everything! En het kan gratis, met google Website Optimizer kan je eenvoudig A/B testen en multi-varianten testen uitvoeren. Dolle pret!

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